Change the Season, Change the Story

Written by Maria Sirois
September 3, 2023

I am in the autumn of my life. There is no denying it. Grey hair. Those smile wrinkles at the corners of my eyes and the holes underneath them. I walk the dog at a pace I would have laughed at in my teens and there is no way I will ever join a professional soccer team, scuba dive with sharks, learn the bassoon or how to bake the perfect popover.  Some things in this life are just not going to happen.  And I am so not done.  We are so not done.  Changing the season used to mean school books and re-invigorated work effort… the effort needed to prove something to someone.  It now means clarity:  what do I want to build in this new time? How do I want to play and love and create?  Whom matters most?  What story will I shape?

I hope you join me, in whatever season of life you are in, in a similar kind of inquiry…considering what most fascinates and uplifts you now!


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