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The Heroic Journey: A Life of Valor, Purpose, Authenticity and Happiness

The life we live is the life we choose to shape. The Heroic Journey: Creating a Life of Valor, Purpose, Authenticity, and Happiness is a year-long exploration, with an intentionally low tuition, designed to support you in honoring who you are, what you have chosen, and who you might yet be. It is for those of us who feel bored, adventurous, overwhelmed, excited and/or lost. Those who feel they have more to give. Those who are on their knees and those who are ready to leap.

Over 12 months, once a month, we will consider what it looks like to become wiser, more intentional, and more brave. We will listen to the perspectives of poets, philosophers, and scientists, as well as the voices within. And we will take care to notice what is working, what is already strong within us, and how our gifts matter deeply to those around us. I hope you choose to engage in this journey of valor with me; valor meaning, merit, worth, strength...isn't that a gorgeous word!!

Course Themes

Section 1:

Foundational Understandings

  • What Wisdom Requires
  • The Soft and Appreciative Gaze
  • Lineage and Legacy
Section 2:

The Truth of the Matter

  • Minding Our Minds
  • Raising Hope
  • In Medias Res: The Story Yet Untold
Section 3:

The Northern Stars

  • The Light Triad and Our Better Selves
  • The Courageous Beat of the Heart
  • Beauty, Goodness, and the Invitation of the Natural Kingdoms
Section 4:

The Grand View

  • Angels, Allies and Other Guiding Voices
  • Death, Gratitude and the Impermanence of Things
  • Holding it All: The View at the Top of the Mountain

Course Flow

We will meet once a month, for a live 60-90 minute webinar, on the second Sunday of each month, beginning in April, 2024.

Following each webinar, you will receive bonus material via email, and a pre-work video for the upcoming class.

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