The Gifts You are Here to Share

Written by Maria Sirois
October 22, 2023

This is sunrise over Evian, France last week, where I had the opportunity to speak to women leaders in business, and a few men :), from around the world about resilience. The sun was radiant on Oct. 12th…and the world was/is burning and in that complexity here is the question I am holding:

How might we face both these realities – beauty and horror – and contribute in such a way that we are true to our strengths and values, maintain our health, and offer something that is contributive…the thing that is our gift to offer? How in other words, do we find our place, when the ground around us is turbulent, violent and we must continue to show up for family, for work, for ourselves?

There is no one singular answer of course, and what any one of us is asked to carry is unique, but I do suggest that focusing our attention on what matters most, on what enlivens us, and on what breaks our hearts open is where the gold is for most.

May you find the intersection of what is true and life-giving and generative to the world. And may you have the strength to protect yourself in so doing as well.

With love, Maria

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